Gov. Makinde, Are You Not Ashamed of Your Erunmu Campaign?

The political season is here again, and we have seen political candidates here and there canvassing for support and votes of the general masses. Erunmu is not an exception as the Oyo State governor, Engr. Seyi Makinde and his campaign team chose the ancient town as their campaign ground for the local government of Egbeda. What makes the town the venue of Gov. Makinde campaign was very well known.

But following up with the Egbeda Local Government political campaign of Oyo State Chapter of PDP, I have come with a question for Gov. Seyi Makinde: was he not ashamed of the state of Erunmu in terms of road network which was the heart of the local government? Or should I ask if it was very convenient for him driving through the dilapidated and zigzag road condition within the town that has a very strong history in Ibadan and Yoruba as a whole?

While I don’t want to agree with the general assertion that you came to Erunmu for campaign only to spite the former Minister, Chief ‘Wole Oyelese in his hometown, owing to the political drama ongoing among you in your party, PDP, and not purposely to drive in any developmental programs to the town abandoned in your nearly four years in office.
Your Excellency, Erunmu has suffered government neglect to the extent of some actors using some elements to drive away the dry port belonging to them to other local governments in Ibadan at some time and as rumored. It was a very sad one to the good sons and daughters of the town, but we believe, or I should say I believe that the dry port is not yet gone if the government meant well for the town. Gov. Makinde Sir, you can make the abandoned inland dry port site workable and effective for the purpose through which it was designed by channeling the new standard gauge railroad to the one linking to Erunmu at either Omi-Adio or Ologuneru section of the new rail line. I have personally followed up with the above stated options, and from good authority, it can be done, and only you, Gov. Makinde can do it while you are still a governor.

Gov. Makinde, still on what are those things the town is lacking, the dissatisfactory conditions of the road network linking many other connected towns and as a matter of fact some part of Osun State or State of Osun. The road as you can see while sojourning the hinterland of the town is not too good for the worth of the town. Of course, you have promised to attend to it once you win your reelection in March, but what if you are not re-elected? Is the town not going to receive any attention from the government again this time? Why not instruct the local government to temporarily do the smooth grading pending the time that either you or any other governor that emerge will remember to do something on it?
We need urgent attention in Erunmu Your Excellency.

Why I am not taking you up alone, I am taking a sweep on the present public office holders who have Erunmu as one of their catchment areas for choosing to abandon the town as against the campaign promises they made during the 2019 electioneering process. I, on behalf of the good people of Erunmu, am still using this medium to beg all Gubernatorial, Oyo Central Senatorial, House of Representatives and state House of Assembly candidates in the coming elections that we need their urgent attention to fix our road network. This is very important to us.

I can go on and, on Your Excellency, but I believe some of the sons and daughters of the town closer to you ‘very very well’ should have before now whispered to your ears about the state of their hometown and why you need to see things out, but I am not too sure they do, and why your innocence can be ‘provenly’ accepted.

May I stop here Your Excellency, Engr. Seyi Makinde, and thanks for listening as we look forward to your intervention as soon as possible.

Akintunde Yusuf
Oyekale Compound
Oke-Oja, Erunmu
Ibadan, Oyo State

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