Aboki fx and Wrestler Emefiele: A Diversionary Tactics

By Bolaji O. Akinyemi

Sitting in a regal seat, lofting emptily in an authority beyond the seat he occupies. An accused sat in the seat of the jury to prosecute his own case. He accused Aboki fx, judged, threatened and declared a man wanted without any name mentioned!

In my article; Nigerians And The Nigeria Project (Part 2), written in my column; Happy Sunday and published on my blog. I x-rayed the plight of Nigerian women, market women in particular who are often snared in financial pains by every attempt to raise the quantity of their wares to “Komu le lantern”!

A phenomenal hardship small Nigerian traders are subjected to at funding their businesses when they are left with the option of loans!

No description is more fitting than the phrase market women chose for it. If you know the pains of torment that goes with having a woman’s breast on a lit lantern; what wickedness! Imagine the price fostered on Nigerians to pay for the failure of our financial system superintended by CBN as operated by Nigerian Banks!

In the midst of this unattended to, agonizing cry, Mr Emefiele rocks in the seat of explanation executively without offering any!

How can such magnitude of financial transactions, taking advantage of Nigerians, be allowed to continue without any office nor faces to it! Yet Emefiele is blind to the reality of the suffering his reign as CBN Governor is putting every Nigerian through! But he sees *Aboki fx* whose forecaster lives in UK. A fool the Bible says runs when no man pursues. A compound fool I guess will run from an imaginary enemy towards the actual. Aboki is the Hausa word for a friend, Emefiele has become the exact opposite to Nigerians, for failing to hear the sound of his name and heed the warning it communicates. Emefiele in Igbo simply means don’t err! But he has erred, the needful in error is to be human and the divinity may be merciful. But, Don’t Err has taken the seat of divinity to judge *Aboki fx* and justify himself before all mere mortals in wait of his mercy to see new naira notes. He is running from *Aboki fx* but towards the anger of Nigerians that may consume him and his clique of oppressors. Their killing loan system in Nigeria are operated and supported by the same banking system, which has no facility to give to their customers for impossible collateral demands and cumbersome procedures but are able to hide in the dark and offer loans without collateral under psuedo names without offices, to the knowledge but in-action of Emefiele, his CBN and his employer, Buhari!

Naira is not just hard to loan, it is harder to earn and hardest to access when earned and put in the bank!

Simplifying banking transactions is not any of Emefiele’s concern in the immediate. How many like me got to the pump at the filling station after enduring the frustrations of a long queue imposed on us by the inefficiency of our Minister for Petroleum who has nobody to report to or call him to order, couldn’t buy fuel because there wasn’t network on their bank platform ATM? I closed my eyes in frustration and prayed, God please help me! And he did, their POS worked and we all shouted praised the Lord! That’s how much of dependency on God our system has made of us. How will Muslim/Muslim, Christian/Christian, Muslim/Christian won’t be issues in our politics. But a professional comedian with his religion hardly known is leading Ukraine through a war against Russia, as the President!

I doubt how lucky a government that has burdened unborn generations of Nigeria with loan of 77 trillion can be with a Central Bank Governor who is not denouncing the allegations of fraud of 80 trillion Naira but correcting the figure would be in the days ahead!

The dyed naira notes’ expiration is closing in on Nigerians, not a challenge anyway for politicians for whose sake we are all subjected to these pains. Our government has intelligence on stored up naira by certain individuals but chose to punish 200 million people while the offenders are boasting.

One said regardless of NNPC and CBN scarcity he will win, if you think that boast is empty, wait for it!

Sometimes, I wonder why Sowore wants to be President. The only true “president” of the people is preoccupied with a process that can only lead somewhere if on the part of the people he chooses to fight. But Sho Baba is on the campaign ground when Emefiele is asking for a fight!

In a clip that is not recent, in which Emefiele was beating the air about *Aboki fx.* Now being circulated by obviously hired propaganda machineries, is nothing more than a mere divisionary tactics!

The man who should be answering questions from us and giving accountability of his stewardship is asking us, and repremanding us for not asking questions!

“Has Nigerians ever asked how exactly *Aboki fx* collects his data that he publishes on his website”?

Now I know like Apostle Paul that a whole nation can be bewitched. Should I ask like him, O ye foolish Nigerians, who has bewitched you?

Having gut, he went further; “how many BDCs can claim that they have either seen a staff of *Aboki fx* coming to ask for daily rates. Or how many BDCs send daily returns on exchange rate to *Aboki fx* “?

What a display of ignorance in the data age! Our CBN Governor is expecting an online platform, to walk the streets across Nigeria in 2023 to daily collate data! Indeed our often rhetorical question is justified by his confessed ignorance; *who did* *this to us?*

He took his ignorance deeper; “how then do they determine what the rate is, and they post them illegally on their website”?

The illegality of the website is left to relevant government agencies to unravel. How then do they determine what the rate is? This shows nothing but confusion on the part of the man who should know, to inform us!

The joke gets even more amusing: “In which other country will an unlicensed single person be the one that sets exchange rates in that country”? In which order country will the Governor of Central Bank be a card carrying member of the rulling party and makes public his intention to become the President and still keepshis job? Kettle is here calling pot black!

An emotional Emefiele shows it! “How come he sets exchange rates of our own currency? Why is he not setting exchange rates of Pounds and Dollars, or pounds and South African Rand, or pounds and Ghana Cedis? Why target Nigeria? And yet, you are a Nigerian. You chose to live in London, enjoy all the spoils in London at the expense of the blood of Nigerians. You will pay for it”.

Will somebody help me remind our CBN Governor that *Aboki* *fx* has taken over his job and that criminals don’t pay for criminality in Nigeria, the people do with their blood; reason bandits are known community Chiefs and Boko haramists are celebrated Clerics and terror sympathetic Muslims are government cabinet members!

The man dies in all who keeps silent in the face of tyrrany- Wole Soyinka.

A nation dies in the hands of citizens who seals their lips when evil men takes thrones.

In 1999 we edged out draconian rule and voted democracy but in 2015, Tyrrany was voted into power in the name of change, and so much indeed has changed!

Emefiele further quoted the law under the most absolutely lawless CBN supported by APC regime of impunity; “The CBN act section 2, does make it clear, that only the Central bank can determine the value of the naira. And yet, a single unscrupulous individual who lives in London continues to manipulate the rate for Nigerians, continues to make huge profits, continues to collect these profits in cash ATMs in London, while ordinary Nigerians suffer the consequences of these actions. We will not allow this to continue again”.

Who is the single unscrupulous element within the CBN for which the institution has fallen on its head? Who is that single entity that must be fished out in the Ministry of Petroleum for pumps to discharge products at NNPC. Who is the head of that nation, like Emefiele queried, where things are allowed that aren’t in other nations? May be President Buhari will help us answer the CBN Governor!

Emefiele revealed to us that ours is a failed state, when the question that government should answer was directed to the public!

“What kind of registration does he have, that allows him to do the kind of business he is doing? People should tell me, how exactly does he collect this data?
Do you know any BDC that supplies this data? He should come out and give us this information. If he doesn’t come out, we will find him.
I have given instructions to our experts to go after his website and let it be clear, we will go after him, because we cannot allow this to continue”.

Sad reality! This company is as old as Muhammadu Buhari’s administration, we were informed by Emefiele!

“Since inception of this company in 2015, he, kept filling the same cash at hand, net access and shareholders funds. You may go ahead and check his UK filling. Yet millions of naira and thousands of dollars go through his account”. Are our Aboki administration and *Aboki fx* siamese twins? The CBN Governor should please tell us more!

Do we need to educate Emefiele, that the sources, uses and volume of the black market should be determined to evolve a clearer strategy for official response to the fx crisis!

In the final analysis, what is our real import bill?

How can we become competitively productive and thereby reduce our import bill?

How are the numerous research Institutes contributing to our competitive productivity as a nation?

Google just released 12,000 members of staff. Which private company outside of the telecom operators employ 5,000 people! The world has left us!

Ti eru ba pe ni ile, a bu alajobi, meaning, when a slave stays long in the hospitality of an household, he’ll insult the family hegemony. This guy should have been let go since long ago, but for whatever reasons, a drowning government is holding the straw for the CBN Governor!

On the platform of iWalk, we were exposed to over one million young Nigerians who walked the streets with us to say no to vote buying. Most of whom just turned 18 and we encouraged and assisted them to register to vote, one of such is Ezekiel Zephaniah, who took a loan of 450k at 100% and transferred the money to my account. 450K to pay back 905K, that is the resilient spirit of the Nigerian youth who are paying the price for a new Nigeria!

May I not fail this generation like Buhari and Emefiele! But Let the generation that want to stand in the way of this determined army of youths be ready for the consequences! Like Ezekiel, many are daily staking all they have to buy into the hope of a new Nigeria!

If the government is hoping to get away with illegalized loans hard to get, naira, harder to earn and old notes hardest to change to new notes through the ATM in our hands by the unrealistic date set by the CBN. Emefiele should stop looking for Aboki, because Abokis; tomatoes sellers, truck pushers, shoe shiners whose life savings are in their pockets will look for him to change it when the time expires!

Our elite are eking the country to the precipe without a thought. We can only but wish them well. There is always an end according to the scripture. That end, may be closing in faster than we can imagine!

Dr. Bolaji O. Akinyemi is an Apostle and Nation Builder. President, Voice of His Word Ministries and Convener Apostolic Round Table,

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