2023: Egbeda Youth Vanguard Endorses Akinjide Kazeem Akinola of Accord party for House of Reps

As 2023 general elections continue to be gathering momentum, where candidates are not leaving any stone unturned to favor their electoral contest and to secure a convincing winning at the poll as Egbeda/Ona-Ara Federal Constituency is not left out.

Owing to that, the contest in Egbeda/Ona-Ara Federal Constituency keeps getting interesting as the election day is just some days, and the candidacy of Hon. Akinjide Kazeem Akinola of Accord party is getting the required and necessary endorsement, acceptance and validation from the nook and cranny of the constituency as observed by many observers following the development of the area.

In latest development, the Egbeda Youth Vanguard, a non-political and governmental association domiciled within the federal constituency has publicly announced their satisfaction and interest in the candidacy of Hon. Akinjide Kazeem Akinola of Accord party contesting for Egbeda/Ona-Ara Federal Constituency.

This newspaper can reportedly quote the President, Mr. Segun Titilayo and Secretary, Mr. Hussain Babatunde of the association that, their interest in Akinjide Kazeem Akinola of Accord party is not borne down to any induced factors but as a result of his total commitment to the development of his constituency even while not in office and how he has shown high level of maturity during the ongoing political campaigns and electoral process.

“We’re satisfactorily convinced about his candidacy. He has display total commitment to human and community development within his utmost capacity and visibility of needs of his constituency.”

“We carefully assessed other candidates from other parties, and we concluded that, those are the ones that have failed us in one way or the other, and we cannot continue with another year of failed representation that keep depriving our constituency the desirable development and having good dividends of democracy.”

“On that note, we are queuing behind and declaring our total support for Akinjide Kazeem Akinola of Accord party in Egbeda/Ona-Ara Federal Constituency in this 2023 elections. And we will deliver for him.”

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