Let’s Collectively End Sickle Cell Disease — Expert Appeals, As Rotary Clubs Begin Awareness, Free Genotype Test Nationwide

In their efforts to end the spread of sickle cell disorder globally, the District 9125 of the Rotary Club International, the world-renowned humanitarian organization in Nigeria has commenced awareness and sensitization talks nationwide to end the spread of the abnormal composition of blood hemoglobin.

At the program held at the Rotary House, Iyaganku Area of Ibadan, Dr. Oladapo Aworanti, medical personnel, explained that preventive measures of the disease is the best way out of it.

In his address, he further emphasized the need to end the disease, sickle cell anemia through many preventive and manageable ways. As we know that, sickle cell disease is a disease of red blood cells, where the cells are sickled in shape due to the abnormality of the hemoglobin’s presence in human body when stressed and get stuck after going through small blood vessels and resulting to dying early in the process.

“This awareness and sensitization are needed to prevent the spread of the disease. And I’m encouraging all to do everything within our reach to prevent the spread.”

“Notably, government is trying to put an end to the disease. But still, we can’t leave government alone in this fight. It is a fight we all should take up before we become a victim.”

“There are so many ways we can continue this campaign via many media spaces. And we should further amplify this and make the society informed and aware of the danger ahead of the disease.”

“We can prevent the disease by; having proper health education, series of awareness programs, Genetic counseling, Pro marital screening, Neonatal screening, Routine follow up at the clinic, Routine medication, Prompt intervention, and Preimplantation genetic diagnosis.”

“We should not stop to encourage the warriors fighting this disease. We pray they get over it. And they should follow the medical advises and be determined to defeat the disease.” He concluded.

While speaking with journalists, Rotarian Samuel Kolawole, Oyo State Director, Rotary Club Sickle Cell Awareness and Campaign explained that the program, awareness and sensitization with free genotype testing is going on nationwide as Rotary International is on the verge of ending the sickle cell disease as they put effort in ending polio disease in Nigeria and at global community.

He further noted that; the sickle cell disease is preventable, and that’s one reason why the Rotary Clubs are stepping in to enlighten the general society and make them aware and informed of the disease.

Rotarian Kemi Akinpelu, Synergy President, Rotary Club of Iyaganku also noted that, there is need for the religious institutions to help this campaign and make intending couples get to know their status before proceeding with their union, as that is one of the grey areas affecting the spread of the disease.

“We’re appealing to the religious bodies to help with the campaign and proper education of the populace.”

“We’re catching the younger generations between the ages of 15—24years before they start proceeding in engaging in a relationship that may end up among them a life partner.” She explained.

Ayo Alagbe Jomiloju, a student of Omolewa Nursery and Primary School explained in a chit chat narrated what he gained in the awareness program.

“My dad told me this morning that, I have to understand sickle cell disease is, and I have gained some knowledge about it.”

The awareness and sensitization program were proudly sponsored by RC Ibadan-Jericho Metro, RC Iyaganku-Ibadan, RC Ibadan-Pathfinder, RC Ibadan-Akobo, and RC Ibadan.

Others are RC Ibadan-Oritamefa, RC Ibadan-Gold, RC Ibadan-Ologuneru, RC Ibadan Elebu Metro, RC Ibadan Prestige, RC Ibadan Ring Road, RC Oluyole Estate, RC IbadanWest, RC Ibadan Challenge and Amazing Rising Stars.

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