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OYO CENTRAL: Faozey’s Medical Outreach, A Necessity Beyond Political Jamboree

I have come across many media vibes praising and eulogizing the medical outreach of Oyo Central Senatorial District Candidate of Accord party, Engr. Faozey Oladotun Nurudeen, and witnessing the professional display of the medical personnel employed for the far-reaching initiatives, and the sole benefit of Oyo Central people. Of course, it cannot come without its shortcomings, but the positive impact of the initiative was more felt than the political interpretations many might be given to it.

Medical outreach should be seen as a collaborative initiative for the failing health sector of the country irrespective of political affiliations of anybody’s interest. The failing and collapsing PHCs across the country are at high alarming and appealing, thus begging for assistance and one reason why medical outreach springs up to help the affected citizens to have access to some basic medical attention. One thing observed recently is some minor sicknesses should not reach the micro and macro medical centers and can be taken care of by mini centers like Primary Health Centers, but the failure of the PHCs responsible for such makes the higher health centers crowded and polluted. The inability to understand the one health status timely and appropriately causing the many sudden death the society is witnessing recently,

If not for medical outreach being organized by both politicians and non-politicians, many people would have missed out on proper care of something relatively minor to them and bow out with it. Agreed, human beings had their appointed time, but God is good to us for telling us what to use when we are feeling down. Maybe we should attribute this to the reason why we have what we call ‘AKUDAYA’ in Yorubaland. As can be seen, people died at their unappointed time, and thus, reappear somewhere else to complete their appointed time.

With the sharing of cultural health education, health counseling, supporting of self-management skills of some special diseases, having an understanding of the biology of disease to make an informed decision, and many other benefits therein medical outreach are being made possible to the beneficiaries and good people of the senatorial district Faozey Oladotun Nurudeen aiming to represent is a welcome development and kudos to him for the initiative.

Even though that is not enough to measure what he will do if elected, it is a pointer to the humanitarian spirits in him on this and many other highly impactful initiatives that are breeding a good future for the coming generations, Oyo Tech Hub is a good example of this.

Thank you Engr. Faozey Oladotun Nurudeen for changing the political narrative of Oyo Central Senatorial District for a developmental one to that of the usual unproductive ones common to aboriginal politicians.

Oyebamiji S. O. writes from Oyo Central Senatorial District

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