Things Women Find Attractive in Men – Understanding Female Attraction

Ubi Nital Hazel

What makes women physically attracted to men?

At the first thought, I would say looks, but I really think that looks are secondary. if you are only good looking, but have no other value, you won’t get very far. It’s really about charisma, having your own stance and beliefs and be confident. Studies show that confidence (not arrogance) is the most attractive quality any human being can have. It automatically endear you to other people. In order for a woman’s physical attraction to a man to occur, a woman has to be at least attractive herself.

Beautiful women

An attractive woman, does not necessarily mean that she looks good. It means that a woman is confident and positive about herself. What makes women physically attracted to men can be very complex, but it isn’t all about physical appearance and personality. Women are mostly attracted to men based on their confidence levels (Not the arrogant, know-it-all type, but true confidence). They look for someone who has the same level of confidence in himself as they do. No woman wants a man who is cocky or pretentious. This saying, confidence can play a huge role in getting that attraction.
For me, I have a weakness for strong shoulder and arms with a toned belly, but my greatest weakness is a man who can make me laugh, can hold a conversation and have a great sense of humor. I don’t care much about the muscular men, I prefer strength over size. A man with strong arm, I feel, smells confidence. When wrapped around by these arms, a woman has this feeling that she’s already in the heart of that man.
Here are the main qualities that in my opinion make the difference. Lots of women likes something different and it’s always a combination of many things. There are preferences of course, but most of those preferences fall under this qualities.

Women Prefer Real Men.

Some men completely change their behavior when talking to women and it’s a common mistake that desperate men make. They try to impress them and in that process, show them all their cards which makes them predictable and uninteresting. Majority of men will behave exactly this way and automatically put the woman into a superior position while making themselves inferior to them. Vast Majority of women prefer men who are inaccessible and real.
It’s also very attractive when men are a bit on the wild side, vintage style, spontaneous, romantic, weird, smart, good kissers, knows what they’re doing in bed and very confident, confidence is the new sexy! All this are very unique qualities.

Cleanliness is very important.

Clean your home (very important), have your hair cut often, groom your beards or shave it off. Moisturize occasionally and Keep your nails clean. If the nails are dirty, the woman will notice it and unclean nails are a big no no. Nice feet – trimmed toenails is a plus.

Well built.

Not really muscular, but a tall frame with strong arms which ensures a nice hug and provides a nice head rest place for the girl is also a yes! just a bit toned belly is really attractive. Well, this is from my personal preference though. Some girls might like a guy with much difference body built.

Good Sense of Humor and Nice killer Smile.

Women are very much attracted to men who can make them laugh. A good sense of humor is super hot. Nothing disarms a person like a beautiful smile. It is very contagious and can lighten the environment and give butterflies in the stomach. A warm smile simply acts as a cherry on the cake. A nice inviting smile makes a guy look more confident, attractive,and approachable. If you can make a girl laugh, you can make her do anything. When I say nice smile, it Should not be overdone, a smile must be warm, geniune and welcoming for it to be attractive. Not creepy at all.

The walk.

I just can’t stand it if guys drag themselves and walk in a sluggish manner, it’s a huge turn off for me. A real man, must walk straight and steady. It means a lot to women, coupled with the way they carry themselves.

Eye Contact is a goal.

It’s very important for a man to look straight to the woman’s face while they speak. In the absence of this, the man appears shy and it’s a big turnoff. Expressive Eyes and eyes that tend to listen is a sure hit ! A beautiful, expressive, innocent eyes always attracts me.

Good listener.

Most women love to talk, and so want the men to listen to them and It’s really not cool when you are talking about something that is important to you, but your man doesn’t appear to be interested in hearing you out.
Another hit quality is his approach towards people. The way he treats others especially those that work below him, his empathy towards people, his get-up-and-go attitude and the openness to try anything.

The last but not the least point never to miss, good smelling guys goes a long way. Smelling nice is all shades of sexiness and it’s super cool and attractive. If I walk past a man that smells good, I’ll probably turn my head for a second admiration glance.

None of the above beats an honest, kind and compassionate heart. Intelligence is also attractive.

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