World Habitat’s Day: We Are Keying Into Actualization of SDG Policies In Rotary – Adeniyi Adeoti, President Rotary Club of Ibadan-Oritamefa

The United Nations as a body of comity of nations mark World Habitat Day every October 5th of every year, and the observation of the day is tailored towards the promotion of socially and environmentally sustainable towns, cities, and communities making up the respective members country of the UN.

It is very worthwhile to note that, the UN celebration of World Habitat Day has for years helping members countries to utilize better the many prospects of the United Nations (UN) on the area of the conditions which the urban settings are, and as well to understand how the global body can help members country as captured in the New Urban Agenda of 2030.

Thus, Rotary Club of Ibadan-Oritamefa, a wing of Rotary Club International has then felicitated with the world on this year’s celebrations of World Habitats’ Day, and that, Rotary Club generally, has her area of focus and designed tailored towards the actualization of this 2030 New Urban Agenda.

The President, Rotary Club of Ibadan-Oritamefa, Rotarian Adeniyi Adeoti, in his message, note that; the main features of this UN-Habitat has been some of the areas through which Rotary Club International has been functioning well to better those areas.

“Most of our community services in Rotary Club generally have been towards having a better and desirable living environment for all.”

“We have been touching and offering community services in the areas that positively affect our respective environmental nature, economic prosperity in terms of women empowerment and capacity building, provision of toilet facilities, health care system assistance and host of many other for the sake of humanity.”

“We are happy to have been on that line, and we will continue offering services that will help the United Nations to achieve the set agenda by 2030. The Agenda is for us all, and we will achieve it together. And join us at Rotary Club to do this together.”

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