Troubled South-West: Is Sunday Igboho Working For The Opposition?

The drama playing out presently in the South-West is the subject of entertainment today and it is indeed intriguing.

Gradually the politicization of the whole debacle is getting clearer by the day and only a political neophyte would say all is well. The race to 2023 is real and it would surely be a bitter battle for supremacy amongst the gladiators.

Fascinating to note is that the direction of present-day Nigerian politics is a two-way game and it cuts across all divides.

It is either APC or PDP, the two parties make up both sides of the coin, and everything possible must be explored to the fullest by either party to gain electoral sympathy ahead of the presidential elections.

Let me take you back to my earlier school of thought that there is a grand conspiracy by the northern cabal to retain the presidency and it matters less whichever party it uses to actualize its objectives.

If you take a closer look at the crisis bedevilling the Nation in the last few months then you would see that there is an orchestrated attempt to rope in the South-West with the cause of every single crisis.

And at the end, the South-West leaders would be at the receiving end of a well-oiled campaign of malice and slander.

Recall it started with the allegations against Osinbajo and the trader money scheme, not done the Vice-President was also accused of collecting over N90 billion from the FIRS to fund the 2019 presidential election campaign in strategic states of the South-west.

Look at the #EndSARS brouhaha? Today the retrogressive voices accuse Tinubu of instructing the shooting at Lekki Toll Gate, his investment was attacked with the sole aim of extinguishing his business interest.

The funny aspect is that external forces outside the South-West are the ones fueling these nauseating theories, what has Tinubu got to do with the economy of Nigeria? How many of Buhari’s interest was touched in the North? How many cabinet ministers had their investments touched?

How many past leaders that turned Nigeria into a pariah nation bore the brunt of the rioters?

Is Tinubu a serving General to give shoot at sight orders on protesters?

Now, these same people are dragging Tinubu into the herdsmen crisis in the South-West.

They what a presidential hopeful to come out and threaten the extinction of a full tribe because of killer herdsmen.

If Tinubu was to be the president did they expect him to go to Ogun and threaten to chase out the Fulanis?

Herein lies the problem, who is Sunday Igboho working for?

Take note Sunday Igboho is a known Yoruba activist that has paid his dues fighting for the Yoruba’s but like earlier stated Nigeria is sadly drawn along party lines.

Why did Sunday Igboho make passing remarks on the Ooni of Ife? Sacrilagoeus and abominable Sunday Igboho was quoted as saying…

“If Ooni of Ife is not careful, he may be going on an outing, we will stop his car and rush him with gun”
Not done he called out Tinubu calling him unprintable names.
Today there is a conspiracy to drag the Jagaban and other committed Yoruba leaders on the South-West 2023 presidency to ridicule.
As aptly put by a Facebook User,

Some of our Yoruba folks on social media are in support of Igboho. They are of the opinion that Ooni deserved the insults for not doing enough over the menace of herdsmen.
Let me agree with their line of thought
Here is my question: How many of you have openly insulted your parents for not meeting all your needs?
Imagine Calling Ooni a mad man who has collected dollars?

Upon what Buhari is doing now you dare not insult him in Kano, Maiduguri, Kaduna or Katsina if you dare insult Buhari in the north your head will be gone off your neck but this seems to be the other way round from a supposed well brought up Yoruba son.

Meanwhile, this same Sunday Igboho is heaping immeasurable praises on Fani Kayode , Ayo Fayose , Nyesom Wike and some other PDP party stalwarts.

In the game of politics, whipping up electoral sentiment is allowed but the question remains, is Sunday Igboho working for the opposition?

Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah writes in from Benin City.

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freeman February 4, 2021 at 8:37 am

Kashiari Freeman Emefiele
Kings have no powers in today’s Nigeria. Governors who themselves are puppets to the Fulani are the ones that manipulate these kings. So they’re just seated on their thrones to obey every order that comes from their paymasters. They’re more or less glorified invalids in my opinion.
You hailed ooni not all hailed ooni.A powerful Yoruba king who can not make meaningful impact on Yoruba nation.your people are being killed,you didn’t even bother and you Call yourself a King,
Hmmhmm.Oni of Ife was installed by the so…called APC government through the hon. minister of interior mr Rauf Aregbesola who was the former governor of Osun state. So he a part and Paso of this present Administration he will never say anything against APC he will rather support the motion
The traditional leaders cannot protect anybody. They are NOT the representative of their people. They are selected by the government through the people. They are installed by the government. The government is responsible for their salaries and allowances. They are agents of the government for peace maintenance. The way the Europeans used them in those days is the same way they are being used today. If they refused to toe the government line, they are fired instantly. Former Emir of Kano is a typical example. Chief Olabisi Onabanjo fired the Awujale then but was reinstated by the military government that cease powers later on. The Obas, Obis and Emirs are not the representative of their people but are agents of government for maintenance of peace and tranquility in their various domains. That is my on position.
Oni throne known as betrayed sit from the on set look the issue of mko abiola late oni support abacha and rally round support for him because of contract given to him that why alafin and sijuade go in rivalry alafin let sijuade know that he can’t deny abiola and he can’t betrayed oduduwa man but late oni betrayed abiola,so if new Oni iss betraying yoruba also it is hereditary, kudos to Sunday igboho yoruba mesiah


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