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October 24, 2020

The Mercy of Rice and The Oyo State Politicization || The Modernizers

It rained rice not cat and dog but the land despite its hunger refuses to absorb rice, it questioned the rain why it rained rice but wisely the rain retorted “oh ye land! your colleagues and siblings are growing rice but you shamelessly waited for me to rain rice only for you to offer me castigation as a reward”.

The introductory paragraph represents “symbolism” which succinctly represents the case of Oyo State Government whose politics has gone so blind that it knows no boundaries, representation of pettiness at its peak. Federal Government of Nigeria in its effort to save and support states irrespective of party affiliations authorized the distribution of seized bags of rice by The Nigeria Customs Service in order to curtail wastefulness. These bags of rice were distributed as mandated and only a few states have acknowledged cases of “stale or unhealthy rice”. To avoid silly politicization of issues like Oyo State Government, it might be so possible an unintended mistake that portion of the rice is not fit for consumption due to poor storage and moisture but instead of “romancing media cheapness” Oyo State Government has that magnanimity and power to notify Nigeria Customs Service and request for another portion of rice to replace the “poor” ones.

What does the State Government stand to gain in demonizing Federal Government in this trying moment?

“If the pinching will hurt, let it hurt”. What will the Federal Government gain in “poisoning” Oyo State residents or if for the sake of political ‘roforofo’ that Oyo State is foreseeing, don’t we have voters of APC in Oyo State?.

How can it be possible that all the rice allotted to Oyo State are uneatable out of 1800 bags?. Nigeria Customs Service was also not spared in the “gutter politicization” and the service confirmed that officials of the Oyo State Government did the counting and verifications during delivery. Lagos State received 6000 bags as certified by NAFDAC and we are yet to receive any complaint.

The reports sponsored by ELITE TIMES that over 10,000 bags of rice have been returned by some states is a “bloodily cooked lie” locally called “Iroyin pledge”. For the record, the Ondo state Governor, Ogbeni Rotimi Akeredolu has debunked receiving of contaminated food items from the Nigeria Customs Service and also, Mr. Jubril Gawat, SSA to the Lagos state government has also debunked the same rumours that the Lagos State Government has returned the rice back to the Federal Government or thrown them into the Lagoon as falsely alleged.

“Let’s call a spade a spade”, Oyo State is still yet to wake up from the dreams of political campaigns and seems too addicted to “cheap media cocaine” I mean they are too glued to seeking media sympathy unnecessarily. Unfortunately, they have denied hundreds of thousands of indigent Oyo State residents the benefits of reliefs.

For more detailed information, a bag of rice is 50kg and if each family gets 5kg, then with just a bag 10 families can be conveniently fed. Which means 1800 bags would conveniently feed 18,000 families in the state. If a family consists of a father, mother and 4 children (6 people) let’s now multiply 18, 000 families by 6 people which gives us 108,000 people in total. If we share this per ward in the state on an average of 10 wards per LG, 10,800 people will be fed in each ward which will go a long way as a support to the 120,000 households the Oyo State government as projected to give palliative to from the state coffers. Oyo State Government in its wisdom has decided to demonize Federal Government in this trying period unknown to them that “beasts know no friend or foe”.

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Juddy April 26, 2020 at 4:33 pm

There is no point in your statement, could you have offered your family that kind of rice.
You were saying some rice are bad due to moisture and so so, what’s the assurance that remimaing bags are not affected.

Imagine what could have happened if Oyo stare government didn’t go through those bags sent by FG before distributing.
Citizens will be like, Oyo state government want to poisonate them and that will surely affect his political career.

Think again


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